About Zenith Steakhouse

Fine Dining in Flagstaff, AZ

The layered ceiling structure at the entrance identifies with a traditional Navajo home called the hogan, hooghan nimazi. When a Navajo hogan is constructed, the hewn logs are carefully placed within the family’s home with special house songs and prayers. Considered a sacred bird to the Navajo people, the embodiment of the eagle resonates throughout the fine dining area. The eagles’ nesting grounds resonate throughout the Zenith Steakhouse; the floors symbolizing an eagle resting in its home. The lighting and sheer mountain cliff walls in the Steakhouse reflect the nesting home of an eagle while it sits perched high in the mountains, among the sacred clouds and skies. Reed tree branches serve as table dividers, a reminder of its powerful symbol at time of emergence into the fourth world. Ultimately, the fine dining to be experienced in the Zenith Steakhouse is symbolic of the enjoyment that comes with attaining success.